Running rigging: sheets

Dock lines

Mooring pennants
Mooring pennants

Marine Rigging

Standing Rigging

Shrouds and stays are made from 1 x 19 stainless steel wire rope.

Lifelines are made from PVC-coated stainless steel wire rope.

In the Southeastern Wisconsin area, we will alter existing or build new headstays to accommodate headsail furlers. Contact us for a price quote.

Running Rigging

Halyards and sheets are made from double-braided Dacron.

Anchor rode and ground tackle are made from three-stranded nylon rope.

Wire-to-rope halyards are made from double-braided Dacron spliced to 7 x 19 stainless steel wire.

Dock Lines

Traveling Dock Lines are measured and custom-made to travel with the boat.

Stationary Dock Lines include, bow line, stern lines, fore-and-aft spring lines, mooring pennants, and chain shackled to the dock where applicable. Bow catchers are optional. All stationary dock lines are custom-made to fit your boat based on cleat size, size of slip, location of boat in the slip, and location of dockside cleats or ring bolts.

For customers in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, we will properly place your boat in your slip, take all required measurements, produce and install dock lines for an additional charge. Please request a price quote. For customers in other areas, please contact us and we will explain which measurements are required. Customers are responsible for providing accurate measurements.

Harken Service Center

In addition to our rigging services, we are also a dealer for Harken Yacht Equipment and authorized service center for Harken installations and repairs.